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Marketing with Aerial Advertising in San Francisco Bay Area – AerialBeacon

Aug 4, 2015 |

Marketing has traditionally had “5 fingers,” which, depending on who you ask, will always have a variation of public relations, advertising, publicity, sales and promotions. Until rather recently, the ways in which these points of marketing were all pretty traditional. The internet, for example, has drastically changed how business spend their advertising dollars as much as it has altered how people interact with brands.

airplane carrying aerial advertising message in san francisco caBut one rather inexpensive and effective way to get literally hundreds of thousands of brand impressions for often less than a penny per impression is aerial advertising. Aerialbeacon.com out of the San Francisco Bay Area has been approved as a preferred vendor for the Superbowl 50 to fly the skies around the area with a message from a single lucky advertiser. The chances of getting millions of views is there, because as you know, the cameras are rolling and are going to be broadcasting around the globe.

Airplanes with banners grab attention in the Bay Area

If you’ve ever driven down I80 in the Bay Area, you know that there are so many different billboards that they’re almost white noise. Why are there so many? Because savvy businesses know that, for example, over 300,000 cars cross the Bay Bridge every day, making it the highest-trafficked bridge in the US (maybe even the world… anybody?). So imagine an airplane carrying your message in the sky for the world to see. This is how Gieco has created a multi-faceted ad approach building awareness through various channels, most notably with airplanes across the country. So take a clue from one of Warren Buffet’s most successful projects and try doing a little sky writing of your own. It’s also a great way to propose, or to say “happy birthday” to that special someone!