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Expert San Diego SEO Services bring Whitehat Results to Clients

Jul 3, 2015 |

SEO, or search engine optimization has been around for a long time. In fact, many say it is “dead.” We’ll give you a quick check to know whether or not it is dead to be certain. When you Google something, you end up with results in the Ads section at the very top and to the right of the page. Usually there are 3 ads on top, then the rest on the side. These are paid ads. Below them are the organic results that Google believes will provide the best resource for the visitor. Google’s main focus is to give relevant search results, because if they didn’t, then there would be a lot of business lost to other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

What does White Hat SEO Mean?

white hat seo services san diego caWhite Hat simply means that the efforts of companies to rank in the search results in order to generate traffic to their website, video, or any other digital asset align with Google’s terms and services. Anything that does not, is considered black hat. If a company is serious about doing this themselves, they would be wise to build out all the social media profiles that have a strong domain authority like Twitter, Facebook and many others like that. This is a natural thing that businesses do in order to generate traffic from social. And engaging their audiences in meaningful ways always catches the attention of the search engines. To do this effectively, it’s a good idea to either hire an in-house expert to provide these services, or to hire a consultant who knows how to get this done. Consultants, like the expert SEO services in San Diego offer to do this for usually much less than it would cost to hire an in house person to do.

Another aspect of getting higher in the rankings is solid content on the page. You must not over optimize your keywords that you wish to rank for. Doing so doesn’t help but only hurts rankings. This is considered spam and has been penalized in years past as the internet matures. A good rule to follow is no more than 2% of your text containing your main keywords. Further, your URL structure, meta tags, schema.org markup, images, site speed and a few other factors can really make a difference in your results.

You also want good links coming in from other websites in your industry who are not competitors. This is done so by reaching out to those who blog and asking if you can do a guest post. What a great way to reach a win-win for any business. Always remember to offer to write on some particular subjects and give their audience something engaging. Sending some samples of your work may be helpful. Or you could hire an expert who could handle all of this for you. It is not cheap but it pays for itself over and over as the free leads from search engines come knocking your door down.

For AUN-Search.com, under new management, we’re here to help you do exactly that. Please email if you’d like to do a guest post right here on our website!